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Steven's enriching experience at Teleco Group's training in Italy

Steven's enriching experience at Teleco Group's training in Italy

Steven, one of the esteemed owners of Jacques UK, recently had the opportunity to attend an intensive training session hosted by Teleco Group in Italy. The experience was not only enlightening but also instrumental in deepening his knowledge about the latest advancements in leisure vehicle technology. Here’s a detailed account of his enriching journey.

Teleco Group: Leaders in leisure vehicle technology

Before delving into the specifics of the training, it’s essential to understand the backdrop. Teleco Group is a renowned conglomerate based in northern Italy, specialising in leisure vehicle equipment. Their extensive range includes satellite and terrestrial TV reception devices, navigation systems, camera systems, multimedia setups, photovoltaic modules, air conditioners, power generators, and inverters. With subsidiaries across Europe, Teleco Group is a pivotal player in the industry, continually pushing the boundaries of innovation.

Day 1: A warm welcome to Teleco’s world

Date: 9th April

Steven's journey began with a flight to Bologna, where he was warmly welcomed by Teleco’s representatives. A scenic drive to Lugo followed, leading to Teleco’s state-of-the-art production facility. The first day’s itinerary was meticulously planned to ensure a seamless introduction to the world of Teleco.

Factory tour and product overview

Upon arrival, Steven and other attendees were treated to a delightful buffet lunch, setting a congenial tone for the day. Post-lunch, the group embarked on an extensive tour of the Teleco production facility. This was a unique opportunity to witness firsthand the meticulous craftsmanship and cutting-edge technology that go into creating Teleco’s acclaimed products.

The afternoon session was dedicated to a comprehensive product overview. Steven was particularly impressed by the intricate details shared about the production processes and the rigorous quality control measures in place. The evening culminated in a delightful dinner, offering a chance for informal interactions and networking with fellow attendees and Teleco’s team.

Day 2: Delving into Telair’s innovations

Date: 10th April

The second day was entirely devoted to Telair, a subsidiary of Teleco Group specialising in air conditioners, power generators, and inverters. The agenda was packed with detailed sessions on product familiarisation, technical training, and insights into new product developments.

Telair training highlights

  • Air Conditioners: The training provided in-depth knowledge about Telair’s range of air conditioners, focusing on their energy efficiency, robust performance, and user-friendly features. Steven found the technical insights particularly beneficial for troubleshooting and aftersales service.
  • Generators: A significant portion of the day was dedicated to understanding Telair’s power generators, including the innovative Eco-Energy 12V generator. The session highlighted the operational efficiency, reliability, and the environmental benefits of these generators.
  • Solar Panels and Power Products: The integration of solar technology into leisure vehicles is a game-changer. Steven learned about the latest advancements in photovoltaic modules and how they complement Telair’s power products to offer sustainable energy solutions.

The day concluded with another enjoyable dinner, providing more opportunities to discuss the day’s learnings and foster connections.


Day 3: Exploring Teleco’s cutting-edge technology

Date: 11th April

The final day was focused on Teleco’s core products – satellite systems, terrestrial aerials, televisions, and WiFi products. This was a crucial day for Steven as it covered many of the products Jacques UK specialises in.

Teleco training highlights

  • Satellite Systems and Terrestrial Aerials: The session delved into the technicalities of Teleco’s satellite systems and terrestrial aerials. Steven appreciated the hands-on demonstrations and the troubleshooting tips provided, which will be immensely helpful in enhancing customer service.
  • Televisions and WiFi Products: Understanding the latest features and technological advancements in Teleco’s televisions and WiFi products was fascinating. Steven gained valuable insights into the seamless integration of these products into leisure vehicles, enhancing the overall user experience.

As the training concluded, Steven and the other participants departed for the airport, enriched with knowledge and new perspectives.

Reflecting on the experience

Steven’s trip to Teleco Group’s training session was a significant milestone in his professional journey. The knowledge and insights gained will undoubtedly translate into enhanced service quality at Jacques UK. By staying abreast of the latest technological advancements, Steven and his team are well-equipped to provide their customers with cutting-edge solutions, ensuring a superior leisure experience.

This training not only reinforced the commitment of Jacques UK to excellence but also solidified their partnership with Teleco Group. Steven looks forward to leveraging this experience to drive innovation and continue delivering top-notch service to their valued customers.


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